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«По­льзо­ва­те­льская настройка схем и правил расчета зарплаты для ре­а­ли­за­ции оценки времени в SAP ERP HCM»
Денис Кузьмин:
Антон, а если зайти в транзакцию PE02 и затем нажать на "Обзор", то заголовок экрана "Каталог правил расчета зарплаты", хотя там правила и для PY и для PT.
«По­льзо­ва­те­льская настройка схем и правил расчета зарплаты для ре­а­ли­за­ции оценки времени в SAP ERP HCM»
Антон Сорокин:
Ерунда какая-то. Функции в схеме оценки ВРЕМЕНИ используют правила ОЦЕНКИ ВРЕМЕНИ. А правила расчета ЗАРПЛАТЫ используются, внезапно, при расчете ЗАРПЛАТЫ, а не оценки. Все перемешалось в...
«Адаптация программ SAP ERP HCM для платформы SAP HANA»
Олег Точенюк:
Тот случай когда название статьи никак не отражает ее суть. Я то думал тут что-то особое для HCM, а тут просто особое по абапу в среде HANA, не зависимо от модуля.


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E-Recruiting with SAP ERP HCM

Автор: Jeremy Masters and Christos Kotsakis
Страниц: 367
ISBN: 978-1-59229-243-1


Jeremy Masters and Christos Kotsakis


Are you a human resources professional or consultant using, or considering using, SAP E-Recruiting? If so, this is the one book you need. The book is organized in a logical sequence to help you explore SAP E-Recruiting and assist you with the implementation, beginning with an introduction to general recruitment processes. From there you’ll learn about more technical topics such as SAP configuration and implementation specifi cs, as well as the enhancements that are possible within the flexible SAP NetWeaver® platform. You’ll also review a wide range of functional and technical subjects, including configuration, portal, search, security, reporting, vendor services, and integration. At the conclusion of the book, you’ll explore lessons learned from other SAP E-Recruiting implementations, and find useful information for your project team’s reference.

Basic Confi guration
Learn about basic confi guration and related infotypes available with SAP E-Recruiting, including its data model.

Recruiter Tools and Manager Self-Service
Explore requisition creation, maintenance, job postings, publications, questionnaires, scales, proficiencies, process templates, activity management, and correspondence management.

Candidate Management
Get an in-depth look at candidate management, including internal and external candidates, and learn about data privacy, the candidate profile, the applicant cockpit, and much more.

Integration with Other Components
Learn about the integration points between E-Recruiting and Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, and Qualification Management.

Discover the standard reporting capability and get an overview of the reports available with SAP NetWeaver BW analytics.


· Configuration
· User Management and Provisioning from SAP ERP HCM
· Administration Components
· Vendor Services
· Authorization Management
· Reporting

The Authors

Jeremy Masters is an author, speaker, and SAP ERP HCM expert. He is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Worklogix. Christos Kotsakis is an author, speaker, and an expert on HCM and self-service applications. Venki Krishnamoorthy is an author, speaker, and SAP ERP HCM Talent Management Solutions subject matter expert.






367 страниц