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ABAP Development for SAP HANA

ISBN: 978-1-59229-859-4
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• Learn the special skills necessary for developing ABAP applications for SAP HANA
• Get to know the ABAP tools for SAP HANA development
• Follow along with a detailed example that shows how to build an ABAP application for SAP HANA

They say there’s nothing new under the sun—but every once in a while, something novel comes along. With the advent of SAP HANA, even the most seasoned ABAP developers have some learning to do—and, newbie or not, this book is here to help. Install the Eclipse IDE, brush up your database programming skills, perform runtime and error analysis, transport old ABAP applications to HANA: Whatever your challenge, you’ll find what you need to get up to speed. Expand your horizons!   


• SAP HANA architecture
• Integrated Development Environment
• SAP HANA Studio
• Database programming
• Data models and views
• ABAP tools for SAP HANA
• Transporting data
• Text and search functions
• Analytic applications

The Authors

Thorsten Schneider, Eric Westenberger, and Hermann Gahm work on SAP HANA at SAP. Thorsten is an SAP NetWeaver product manager focusing on ABAP and SAP HANA. He studied business information management and worked as a PLM developer and solution architect at SAP. Eric Westenberger is also an SAP NetWeaver product manager focusing on ABAP and SAP HANA. Prior to this position, he worked as a developer and architect for SAP NetWeaver (ABAP and Java). Hermann Gahm is working on high performance applications in ABAP on HANA. Previously, he worked as an SAP consultant focusing on ABAP performance tuning for various international SAP customers.