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Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

ISBN: 978-1-59229-895-2
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• Get to know Zen: what it is and how to use it
• Learn about the different report components and interactivity options
• Build an example dashboard from end-to-end

Whether you’re a long-time BEx WAD user or a die-hard Xcelsius fan (or both!), there’s a new dashboard design kid on the block. Call it Zen, call it Design Studio—but whatever you call it, you better learn how to use it. How is it different from what you’re used to, and what can it do? This book will answer these questions and more. From connecting data sources to using charts and crosstabs to creating scripts, you’ll find the instructions and examples you need to start building effective, interactive dashboards. What are you waiting for?


• Capabilities and use cases
• Positioning in the SAP BI suite
• Installation
• The Zen interface
• Parts of a Zen dashboard
• Design guidelines
• Building dashboards
• Making dashboards interactive
• Building planning dashboards
• JavaScript functions

The Authors

Xavier Hacking and Jeroen van der A are SAP BI consultants at Interdobs B.V. They specialize in SAP NetWeaver BW and the BusinessObjects BI 4.0 toolset, with a focus on dashboard development with BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) and the integration of the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 frontend tools with the BW backend. Xavier Hacking is the co-author of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 Cookbook, which was published by Packt Publishing in 2011.