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«Про­до­лже­ние колонки по SAP BPC»
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Implementing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Страниц: 648
ISBN: 978-1-59229-422-0
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      • Explore expert tips and techniques for maximizing BPC
      • Facilitate fast and accurate reporting with the EPM Excel Add-In, the new Script Logic Editor, and the enhanced reporting component
      • Upload, extract data, and create enterprise reports
      • Covers BPC 10.0, EPM 10.0, and BW 7.3

      Take the labor-intensive guess-work out of number crunching, financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting! With data at your fingertips and this comprehensive guide to BPC, quickly model new business scenarios and efficiently create and approve plans, budgets, and forecasts. Written for today’s busy financial consultants, business developers, and financial analysts, this book will help you configure and implement the necessary dimensions, master data, and hierarchies for both the Consolidation and the Planning components of BPC 10.0.

      The Building Blocks of BPC
      Understand the foundational architecture and data modeling process behind BPC with specific tasks and activities for configuration, planning, forecasting, and consolidation.

      Planning and Consolidation Integration
      Explore the unique implementation and configuration processes for each BPC component with technical coverage of BPC 10.0, EPM 10.0 and BW 7.3.

      Real-World Expertise meets Effective Business Solutions
      Expand the potential of your Planning and Consolidation solution with expert tips and tricks, all written so you can get the most out of BPC.

      Enhanced Reporting
      With transparent financial data, you can enable fast, accurate management and statutory reporting with the enhanced reporting component, EPM Excel Add-In and the new Script Logic Editor.


      • BPC architecture
      • Reporting
      • Data loading from source systems to BPC
      • Planning, forecasting, and budgeting
      • Consolidation Monitor
      • Business process flows
      • Migration process from BPC 7.5 to BPC 10.0
      • Script Logic Editor
      • EPM Excel Add-In
      • Master data management

      The Author

      Peter Jones is a BI/BPC Sr. Application Consultant with more than nine years of consulting and educational experience. He regularly speaks at SAP sponsored events and has been involved with SAP Education in writing training material. An active participant in the only customer validation process for BPC NW v10 in the world, he has extensive experience in BPC 7.5 implementations as well.







      648 страниц