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Migrating Your SAP Data

Авторы: Johann Gradl, Michael Willinger
Страниц: 373
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-59229-170-0
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Johann Gradl, Michael Willinger


Drastically reduce the cost and duration of key data migration projects! This comprehensive reference is focused on helping you avoid the need for programming by using batch input, eCATT, CATT, and the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW). You’ll learn how to optimize these tools for data migration and where exactly manual customization might be needed. Compare and contrast the various individual methods in order to glean valuable insights on the technique that most closely matches up with your individual requirements. In addition, you’ll benefit from a detailed introduction to the Accelerated Data Migration tool (ADM), which enables you to migrate large quantities of data faster than ever before.


ISBN 978-1-59229-170-0


373 страницы