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«6 ключевых аспектов ра­зра­бо­тки стратегии мобильных сред SAP»
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Комментарий к статье из Project Expert  » 2010 » 3 Комментарий эксперта компании Гоу-Лайф к статье «6 ключевых аспектов...


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Mobilizing Your Enterprise with SAP

ISBN: 978-1-59229-419-0
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The mobile revolution is everywhere, and now’s the time to learn about how you can apply it to SAP. Whether you’re a manager or an SAP consultant/developer charged with mobilizing an enterprise, this is the book you need to get started right now. Discover the different types of mobile solutions that SAP offers, and get detailed, expert insights on the concepts and technologies involved in the development of mobile applications. With this introduction, you’ll be ready to make your way in an unwired world.