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SAP BW: Administration and Performance Optimization

Авторы: Joe Darlak, Jesper Christensen
Страниц: 652
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-59229-853-2
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Joe Darlak, Jesper Christensen


Maintaining a high-performing SAP BW system is one part precise administration and one part ongoing tuning—and this book, up to date for SAP BW 7.40, is your guide to both. Throughout the implementation process, from landscape architecture to initial system setup and from data modeling to efficient ETL, your to-do list dominates your desk. Master system setup, architecture, and configuration to lay a foundation for effective data storage, and then optimize your system through regular administration tasks. Consult best practices for creating SAP BW objects, running reports, and using jobs and skills profiles to make your system a well-oiled machine.


ISBN 978-1-59229-853-2


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