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SAP ERP HCM Infotypes

Авторы: Christos Kotsakis, Venki Krishnamoorthy, Jeremy Masters
Страниц: 529
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-59229-442-8
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Christos Kotsakis, Venki Krishnamoorthy, Jeremy Masters


As an SAP ERP HCM user or consultant, you know that data is vast and that its maintenance and storage are key to any successful HCM implementation. This handy resource balances big-picture HCM concepts with detailed infotype coverage. Learn how to maintain and store data in the SAP ERP HCM system, how to identify the best infotype for a task, and how and when to design a custom infotype. With this quick reference, you can finally access important HR infotype information without Internet searches or forum appeals.


ISBN 978-1-59229-442-8


529 страниц