IPS910 - Управление бюджетом: процессы, организация и конфигурация

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Условия участия:

  • AC010 Business Processes in Financial Accounting
  • AC200 Accounting Customizing I: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
  • or similar knowledge.
Язык обучения:

  • Русский
Язык материалов:

  • Английский
Целевая аудитория:

  • Project teams
  • SAP consultants and partners
  • People with organizational responsibilities

Organizational structure and master data
-Funds center and commitment item
-Funds, functional area, budget structure, funded programm
BCS – Budget Control System
-Budget planning
-Budget categories and budge types, budget versions, and budget transfers
Budget/cash desk
-Availability control
-Earmarked funds, orders, cover eligibility, integration with the modules MM, FI, HR, CO, PS, SD, and PM, cash desk business transactions, fiscal year change
-Reporting tools, maintenance of information systems
Версия программного обеспечения:

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 Enhancement Package 5

Participants will be able to use the structure and organization of the solution for fiscal accounting in the public sector
Participants will be able to execute settings for setting up the system in Customizing