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Architecting EDI with SAP IDocs: The Comprehensive Guide (2nd Edition)

ISBN: 978-1-59229-871-6
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• Master the concepts and principles behind EDI and IDocs
• Explore the EDI business processes, architecture, and administration
• Configure IDocs for B2B integration and information exchange

Infiltrate the entertainment industry and take notes—observe how the fictitious Acme Pictures movie company uses EDI and IDocs to make and sell its biggest flick yet. This extensive case study showcases the requirements, standards, and capabilities you’ll encounter as you build an SAP EDI system and optimize electronic information exchange between businesses via IDocs. This second, expanded edition offers coverage on configuring IDocs, generating purchase orders and goods receipts, and processing invoices. Pull back the curtain of the essential technology that keeps the business world talking.


• SAP EDI system architecture
• Business process integration
• IDoc architecture and configuration
• Custom IDocs and extensions
• Mapping specifications
• Message control
• Customer purchase orders
• Replication services
• Inbound goods receipt and invoices
• Outbound advance shipments and invoices
• Custom IDoc tools
• EDI and IDocs troubleshooting and recovery

The Author

Emmanuel Hadzipetros is an ABAP developer and an EDI and IDocs specialist. His 20 years of experience with SAP projects and implementations span integration tools, industries, and continents.