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Monitoring and Operations with SAP Solution Manager

ISBN: 978-1-59229-884-6
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• Learn about the new monitoring and alert infrastructure in release 7.1
• Understand how to use SAP Solution Manager monitoring and alerting tools in real-life situations
• Master technical reporting, data volume management, and more

Skip the hypothetical discussions of what SAP Solution Manager does—get real-life, technical knowledge that will help you monitor your systems and analyze your business processes today! With release 7.1, say goodbye to CCMS and welcome an array of new options and possibilities to monitor issues across the system landscape.

This book leaves no stone unturned in the area of monitoring and operations. After an overview of SAP Solution Manager’s architecture, you’ll get familiar with the new monitoring and alert infrastructure. You’ll then find detailed instruction on how to operate and configure all of its related tools. Throughout the book, practical examples, case studies, and guiding screenshots will help you get your SAP system running the way you want it to.


• Change diagnostics
• Project implementation
• Data volume management
• Administration reporting
• Central system administration
• Data volume management
• Root cause analysis
• Job scheduling management
• Role management

The Authors

Lars Teuber has worked at BIT Consulting GmbH in Dresden, Germany, since 2008, where he has been able to expand his knowledge of SAP Solution Manager in SAP Solution Manager development projects. He works with design and implementation aspects of system monitoring, performance analysis, and implementation of SAP Solution Manager in projects.

Corina Weidmann has worked at SAP SI AG in Dresden, Germany, since 2000. At SAP, she provides valuable support for the development of business process monitoring through her own projects using SAP Solution Manager.

Liane Will has worked in the Active Global Support department at SAP AG since 1998. She gained her experience in the system operation of SAP solutions by supporting customers in solving problems and establishing best practices in system operation. She manages a team that focuses on the implementation and optimization of the application lifecycle management based on SAP Solution Manager.