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«Ко­рре­кти­ро­вка таблиц базы данных с помощью ABAP»
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Андрей а вам никто никогда не говорил, что обновлять таблицы базы данных SAP категорически запрещено, независимо от того чем обусловлены такие желания. Свои Z-таблицы, да сколько угодно, но......


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SAP Interface Programming

This book teaches you how to integrate third-party programs with your SAP systems while avoiding the many pitfalls that can arise from different programming languages and interface technologies. It provides a comprehensive description of the communication protocols that are supported by SAP, which components of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server implement them, and how these components must be configured to enable communication with external systems. Overview of Interface Programming Uncover basic principles of interface programming, answers to frequently asked questions about security, and information on various technologies. Classic and Modern SAP Information The authors introduce you to classic and modern SAP interfaces and protocols, enabling you to solve any problem you may encounter. Interface Technologies Benefit from a detailed examination of the central interface technologies: RFC, BAPIs, ALE, IDocs, and SOAP. Descriptive Examples Learn how to apply your knowledge to real-life situations with many programmed examples in ABAP, Java, C, and C#. Comprehensive Coverage This book serves as an ideal companion with numerous screenshots and a detailed index. You'll discover how best to connect your systems to those of your partners — without problems or external assistance.

ABAP Performance Tuning

This book is your guide for analyzing and optimizing ABAP source code. You’ll learn about the analysis tools and performance-relevant technologies, and discover how you can analyze existing source code and enhance your programming style. This is the resource you need to ensure that your ABAP programs are fully optimized. 1 Analysis ToolsAfter reading this book, you’ll know when and how to use analysis tools properly — including Code Inspector, performance trace, ABAP trace, or single records statistics. 2 Programming TechnologiesGet detailed information on parallel processing, internal tables, SQL data processing, and much more, and learn how these technologies affect performance. 3 BufferingExplore the different buffers that are available on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP, and learn the most important buffer options to avoid unnecessary database accesses. 4 Database TuningYou’ll obtain a description of the database architecture and the technical background of database accesses, and master the tuning options for database accesses. 5 New DevelopmentsLearn from a comprehensive overview of the new developments in ABAP Release 7.0, EhP2, such as Transaction SAT, the innovations of the performance trace, and changes of internal tables.

ABAP Cookbook

This book allows you to find the answers you need to typical ABAP development problems and tasks. You’ll discover best practices for developing solutions, and learn how to apply ABAP to solve different types of problems. The recipes range from simple appetizers to complex main courses — and some sweet desserts, of course! Each chapter is a short tutorial in itself, organized and consolidated into an easy-to-read format. The various code samples, screenshots, and different icons will help you to follow the best practices. Enjoy your ABAP meal!Best PracticesLearn best practices for programming and the solutions to both simple and complex programming problems.Programming TechniquesDiscover various techniques for dynamic, database, transactional, persistence, interface, and security programming in ABAP.Comprehensive Approach to Problem SolvingExplore the context of a problem, solution alternatives, and the thought process involved in the development of a solution.Instructive IconsEasily identify quick tips, step-by-step instructions, and warnings, thanks to the use of helpful icons throughout the text.Numerous Examples and Source CodesExplore coding examples in every chapter, as well as two source code bundles that you can install on your local AS ABAP system.
Теги Ключевые слова: Разработка на ABAP / ABAP Development Функциональная область: Информационные технологии / IT, Basis, ABAP Ролевое назначение: Ключевой пользователь / Expert 4180

Discover ABAP

This book helps newcomers to ABAP gain an instant sense of achievement, while hurtling up the learning curve towards the development their own source code. The author's practical "on the job" approach ensures that you'll quickly familiarize yourself with all of the most important aspects of ABAP programming. Using straightforward examples, you'll begin learning how to build your own programming solutions starting right on the first page. From the single-line ABAP report to modularized flow control and complex data transfer structure, step-by-step instructions with volumes of commented code samples and screenshots serve to ensure your rapid progress in the world of ABAP programming. Getting started with ABAP Learn everything you'll need to get started: Architecture of the SAP system, development tools, and structure of ABAP reports Your first ABAP report Create your first report, maintain its properties, create its source code, and execute it Follow along with an extended real-life example Starting on the first page, a simple, ongoing example guides you through the book as you create database tables and lists, calculate with numbers, and find program errors with the ABAP Debugger Take your skills to the next level Make case distinctions, implement control structures and branches, and learn about logical expressions, selection screens, and the modularization of programs Learn ABAP the easy way Benefit from concise learning units, helpful tips and tricks, numerous screenshots, and comprehensive sample code
Теги Ключевые слова: Разработка на ABAP / ABAP Development Функциональная область: Информационные технологии / IT, Basis, ABAP Ролевое назначение: Ключевой пользователь / Expert 2553

Authorizations in SAP Software: Design and Configuration

This comprehensive guide shows you how to develop and implement an authorization concept that will withstand the toughest demands. Permissions are covered extensively, with a focus on the relationship between organizational performance and the necessities of legal and regulatory compliance. You will learn how the tools and functions of the change management process play a critical role in the performance of an SAP system, and how various permissions in SAP solutions and processes function in detail.Organizational PermissionsLearn how to develop a systematic differentiation of roles and permissions in SAP ERP. You’ll also learn how to assign roles for the organizational management of SAP ERP HCM.Legal FrameworksDiscover the legal and regulatory scenarios (i.e., accounting law and data governance) that are relevant to your business, and how they fit into the authorization concept.SAP Tools for Change ManagementMaster the essential tools for authorizations management, including the Role Manager, CUA, SAP BusinessObjects Access Control, SAP Net-Weaver IdM, UME, and more.Technical Basics and CustomizingLearn which features are relevant to user maintenance and the basic settings necessary for a meaningful functional separation.Authorizations in SAP SystemsGain an in-depth understanding of the core processes of SAP ERP, as well as the specific requirements of SAP ERP HCM, SAP CRM, SAP SRM and SAP NetWeaver.

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