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SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

This book provides you with a comprehensive functional overview of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, as well as actionable, step-by-step content to help you quickly begin creating, analyzing and sharing enterprise-wide reports. It also covers advanced features to ensure you’re using the tool to its full capacity, including customizing Web Intelligence with the software developer’s kit (SDK), and linking with other SAP BI tools.
Теги Ключевые слова: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Функциональная область: Бизнес аналитика / BI Ролевое назначение: Ключевой пользователь / Expert; SAP Консультант / Consultant; Руководитель / Manager 3692

A Practical Guide to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.0

This book is intended to provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0, utilizing a real-world, scenario-based approach to detail the core, fundamental components and features. You'll learn about the primary features and functions of SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0, including architecture, data modeling, data extraction, data staging, and more. Then, delve into the specifics of data modeling with SAP NetWeaver BW. Coverage includes InfoObjects, working with master data, InfoCubes, MultiProviders, and Infosets. The authors take an in-depth look at data sources in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0, extracting data from flat files, working with generic extractors, and extracting data from SAP NetWeaver BW. Plus, find out what's important regarding data transformation and staging. Topics covered include data transfer process, real-time data acquisition, typical staging architectures, etc. Finally, you'll explore an overview of administration and monitoring topics within SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0, including process chains, data upload monitoring, the BW administration cockpit, and working with aggregates.
Теги Ключевые слова: SAP NetWeaver BW Функциональная область: Бизнес аналитика / BI Ролевое назначение: Ключевой пользователь / Expert; SAP Консультант / Consultant 3551

Variant Configuration with SAP

This is the single most important resource you need to implement, customize, and use SAP Variant Configuration. Written in a clear and straightforward style, this book teaches you the basic business principles of variant configuration, and helps you master SAP Variant Configuration functionality so you can use it efficiently for your own business needs. First learn exactly what variant configuration is and how it can benefit your business. Then, explore the steps needed for creating a product model in SAP Variant Configuration and develop the skills needed for customizing SAP Variant Configuration as the authors highlight which system settings are important for the corresponding business processes. You'll get an in-depth look at real customer reports and experiences and find out how the CWG user group can help facilitate your own work. With highly detailed tips, warnings, and in-depth examples throughout, you'll be able to put to use right away the expert advice provided in order to quickly and easily handle your own business processes and customization issues.

SAP Interface Programming

Need to integrate third-party programs with your SAP systems? In this book, learn how to work with the communication protocols that are supported by SAP: Remote Function Call (RFC), SAP Java Connector (JCo), SOAP, XML web services, and more. In addition to learning the basics, you'll find out which components of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server implement these technologies and how to configure them to enable communication with external systems.

ABAP Performance Tuning

Is your ABAP as good as it can be? With this essential guide, find out how to make it so. You’ll learn about analysis tools and performance-relevant technologies, and discover how you can analyze existing source code and enhance your programming style. It's time to make sure that your ABAP programs are fully optimized.

ABAP Cookbook

With this book, get answers to typical ABAP development problems or tasks: persistence programming, interface programming, security and tracing techniques, etc. The complexity of the "recipes" ranges from the simple starter plates to the complex main courses—and some sweet deserts, of course! Each chapter is a short tutorial in itself, all organized and consolidated into an easy-to-read format. Many code samples, screenshots, and different icons will help you to follow the best practices provided. Enjoy your ABAP meal!
Теги Ключевые слова: Разработка на ABAP / ABAP Development Функциональная область: Информационные технологии / IT, Basis, ABAP Ролевое назначение: Ключевой пользователь / Expert 6801

Discover ABAP

This book helps newcomers to ABAP gain an instant sense of achievement, while hurtling up the learning curve towards the development their own source code. The author's practical "on the job" approach ensures that you'll quickly familiarize yourself with all of the most important aspects of ABAP programming. Using straightforward examples, you'll begin learning how to build your own programming solutions starting right on the first page. From the single-line ABAP report to modularized flow control and complex data transfer structure, step-by-step instructions with volumes of commented code samples and screenshots serve to ensure your rapid progress in the world of ABAP programming. Getting started with ABAP Learn everything you'll need to get started: Architecture of the SAP system, development tools, and structure of ABAP reports Your first ABAP report Create your first report, maintain its properties, create its source code, and execute it Follow along with an extended real-life example Starting on the first page, a simple, ongoing example guides you through the book as you create database tables and lists, calculate with numbers, and find program errors with the ABAP Debugger Take your skills to the next level Make case distinctions, implement control structures and branches, and learn about logical expressions, selection screens, and the modularization of programs Learn ABAP the easy way Benefit from concise learning units, helpful tips and tricks, numerous screenshots, and comprehensive sample code
Теги Ключевые слова: Разработка на ABAP / ABAP Development Функциональная область: Информационные технологии / IT, Basis, ABAP Ролевое назначение: Ключевой пользователь / Expert 2569

Authorizations in SAP Software: Design and Configuration

Authorizations aren't easy, but this book is here to help. Learn how to develop a meaningful authorization concept that meets statutory requirements and is tailored to your business processes. Explore the SAP tools and functions that play a role in designing and implementing an authorizations concept. In addition to discussions of SAP IdM, CUA, SAP Access Control, and the UME, you’ll learn about authorizations across the entire SAP landscape (SAP ERP, HCM, CRM, SRM, and BW).
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